Alaskan Freeride APA with Pizza

Alaskan Freeride APA with Pizza

September 25th, 2013

The Beer: Alaskan Freeride APA (Rough Draft Series)

Type: American Pale Ale
Brewing Company: Alaskan Brewing Co.
ABV: 5.3%

The Food: Pizza

Details: Five meat combination take-n-bake pizza from Costco.

Alaskan Freeride APA with Pizza Review

The beer was great, the pizza was good, the two together were bad.

Freeride APA (American Pale Ale) is brewed by Alaskan Brewing Company in Juneau, Alaska. Alaskan Brewing describes Freeride as “both full in flavor and crisply thirst-quenching”.

The Freeride APA is a very drinkable session beer. It is an excellent go-to beer; it is well rounded and smooth with just a slight hoppy bite. Freeride is just what you would want and expect from an American Pale Ale.

Pizza is always a great food item, especially to try pairing with beer. This particular pizza wasn’t the best but it was still good. The crust was a little thin and crispier than I would have liked, though that was to be expected with a take-n-bake pizza.

The big question is: how was the beer with the food? The answer is: bad. The combination of the pizza and the Freeride APA made the beer slightly worse. It added a bitter aftertaste that took away from the original balance of the beer. It didn’t ruin the beer, it was still an enjoyable meal, but the beer did have a better flavor before the pizza got involved.

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