Curry and Sierra Nevada Beer

Sierra Nevada with Curry

May 1st, 2013

The Beer: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Type: American Pale Ale
Brewing Company: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Alcohol: 5.6%

The Food: Lamb Aloo Curry (Lamb & Potato)

Details: Lamb Aloo Curry (lamb and potato) from Shangri La in Rohnert Park, CA. The curry is served with white rice and we also had sides of plain naan and basil naan.

Lamb Curry with Sierra Nevada Beer Review

The beer was good, the curry was good, the two together were great.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a very good beer. It’s also a very popular beer in Northern California so it is very easy to find. It seems to be in our fridge less often these days but I would never turn one down.

The lamb and potato curry was also very good. This was my first visit to this restaurant but not my first experience with curry. The curry was exactly what you’d expect a curry to be like. We ordered the spicy curry, it was good but a little more kick than I was expecting. The naan did a good job to balance out the spiciness of the curry.

The big question is: how was the beer with the food? The answer is: great. The two items together paired very nicely. The beer and the food alone were good, but together they were great. The beer also seemed to help with the spiciness of the curry. If you’re planning to eat some lamb and potato curry anytime soon I would definitely recommend drinking some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale with it.

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