Green Flash Double Stout with Vanilla Ice Cream

Green Flash Double Stout with Vanilla Ice Cream

August 28th, 2013

The Beer: Double Stout

Type: American Double / Imperial Stout
Brewing Company: Green Flash Brewing Co.
ABV: 8.8%

The Food: Vanilla Ice Cream

Details: Classic vanilla slow churned Dryers ice cream with a Hershey chocolate drizzle.

Green Flash Double Stout with Vanilla Ice Cream Review

The beer was good, the ice cream was awesome, the two together were great.

The Green Flash Double Stout is brewed by Green Flash Brewing in San Diego, California. Green Flash describes the beer as “a luscious black brew with satin smooth finish”.

The Double Stout is a pretty good beer, we’ve had it a few times and will likely have it a few more. It has a complex flavor, it’s hard to pinpoint the different tastes but there seems to be some chocolaty flavor in there somewhere. The beer has a bit of a bitter finish but overall it is a good beer.

We paired it with some classic vanilla ice cream. We added some Hershey’s chocolate syrup on top. It was delicious! I know I’ve said it before but you just really can’t go wrong with ice cream.

The big question is: how was the beer with the food? The answer is: great. The ice cream removed that bitter finish from the beer and rounded out the whole flavor. A good stout with some ice cream is definitely one of my favorite pairings and this particular match certainly does the trick.

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